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Set against the stunning backdrops of Normandy and Paris, 'Bella Donna' weaves a tale of passion, love triangle, and the pursuit of forbidden love, dark desires and female sexual liberation. This Christmas, Donna's perfect life starts to shake. She's always tried hard to make her family happy, fixing old mistakes. But then Gio, her old crush, comes back after 16 years, and feelings she buried deep down start to bubble up again. Plus, there's Tom, her reliable boyfriend, who's always been her safe choice. "Bella Donna" is all about Donna's struggle: reignited old flames versus her need to do right by her family. Set in the magical holiday season of Paris and the calm of Normandy, will Donna stick to her safe path, or will she chase the thrill of what could have been with Gio? What choices will she make when her past and present collide? A perfect gift for Valentine's and Christmas and for anyone who loves cozy and steamy romance. 


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Bella Donna

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