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Neda Aria Writing Coach

  • Developing creative writing skills

  • Finishing a novel

  • Create and develop a blog, self-publish a book

  • Create an NFT of your book/ writings

The above topics can be taken as individuals or bundles. For the personalized plan and more detail on the coaching sessions please finish the below quiz. After finishing I will contact you within a few working days. We will meet online via zoom or teams for 20 minutes to identify your needs. For pricing please scroll down. 



I am an educator with over 10 years of experience in the field, hosting a dozen workshops worldwide for aspiring writers and teenagers. I am a Certified Writing Coach, and hold PGCert in Creative Writing. I personalize and tailor your coaching sessions based on your personal needs and goals. I am an empathic listener and educator, passionate about helping others to reach their goals makes me an ideal coach who can inspire and encourage you to reach your goals. 

Writer by heart, creating and selling stories since young. Published a series of YA romance novels under a pseudonym and became instantly successful in Iran late 1990s. Self-published a couple of books, and assisted a dozen of aspired writers to publish their first story, blog, or novel for the past 3 years. Author of ENARO and short stories collection: Feminomaniacs and IDEO



Working with established and aspiring authors both in creative writing (short and long fiction) and blogging to develop their writing and to see their careers thrive and grow has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I am excited to be offering tailored made courses based on your needs and goals and help you step by step make your dream of finishing a book come true.

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Process of Writing As A Business

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