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Transgressive Writing Workshop

Welcome to Writing Beyond Boundaries, a transgressive writing workshop where we explore the edges of our creativity and push the boundaries of conventional writing. In this workshop, we invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks in your writing.

Here, we believe that writing is not just about following rules and conventions but about breaking them. We encourage you to experiment with different styles, forms, and genres to discover your unique voice as a writer.

Through writing prompts and exercises, we will challenge you to delve into your deepest emotions, fears, and desires to create authentic and original pieces of writing. We will explore taboo subjects, unconventional narratives, and unconventional structures to create works that challenge and provoke.

Our community of writers is diverse, inclusive, and supportive. We celebrate individuality and encourage collaboration, allowing you to connect with like-minded writers who share your passion for transgressive writing.

Writing Beyond Boundaries is a space where you can let go of your inhibitions and create fearless, boundary-breaking writing. Join us and discover the power of writing beyond the limits of convention.

Creative writing exercises

Creative prompts to challenge writing skills

Free templates/ebook

Free templates and ebook for writing guidance

Writing feedback review

Review of short piece for writing feedback (maximum 2000 words)

Module 1: Introduction to Transgressive Writing

  • Understanding the principles of transgressive writing
  • Exploring the boundaries of conventional writing
  • The importance of taking risks in your writing

Module 2: Writing Beyond Comfort Zones

  • Embracing vulnerability and authenticity in your writing
  • Pushing past your creative limits
  • Experimenting with different writing styles and genres

Module 3: Exploring Taboo Subjects

  • Understanding the role of taboo in transgressive writing
  • Exploring themes such as sexuality, death, and mental health
  • Approaching sensitive subjects with sensitivity and respect

Module 4: Challenging Narrative Structures

  • Breaking the mold of traditional narratives
  • Exploring unconventional structures such as non-linear storytelling and fragmented narratives
  • Experimenting with form to create new and original works

Module 5: Collaborating

and Sharing

  • Building a supportive writing community
  • The benefits of collaborating with other writers
  • Sharing your work and receiving feedback