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Forgive my transgression!

"I write I create, I build worlds in my imagination. Writing is my soul, creating is my passion. I write to explore the human mind, I write to reveal what's beneath that beautiful mask of yours. I uncover the darkness within. I dare to free words, I dare to be brave, I dare to say what others are afraid to say.

I write, I create. That's all I am."

I help other writers to finish their projects of any sort through innovative, flexible coaching. Please check here for more info.


  • Ph.D. in Management minor Innovation Technology & Trends

  • Master and Bachelor in Political Science

  • Bachelor in General Education

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing

I am a researcher interested in human behavior. Currently, I am focusing on studying what impacts human behavior and motivation and how Educational Technology can enhance the learning experience. I am creative and I love to write.



I can say my style is transgressive and dark that boldly explore human actions and reactions in different circumstances. I mostly write for adults. I have two novels: ENARO and The Legend of Kelpie(co-author) and two anthologies: IDEO: The Bitter Recipes of the Truth and Feminomaniacs


The authors that inspired me in the field of Transgressive fiction the most are Philip K. Dick, Chuck PalahniukFranz KafkaCharles Bukowski, Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell. In general, I am inspired by Classic and Modern Japanese, American, French and Russian literature. 

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