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"Call me anything you want. I am not afraid to die for my beliefs. Just like you. Having a child is not your one and only destiny. You are not a reproductive machine. Do you get it? I saved you from slavery. That’s all!"  Feminomaniacs P. 14

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The anthology's overarching themes encompass a profound resistance against conformity, exemplified in stories like "Feminomaniacs," which sparks a rebellion against societal norms. This theme echoes throughout narratives such as "Commercial Break," "Screen Man," and "Operator," where characters confront and challenge oppressive systems. Another pervasive theme revolves around existential reflection, encouraging readers to contemplate the purpose and meaning of life. Stories like "A Guesthouse for the Almost Dead" and "The Offer" delve into characters grappling with profound questions about existence. Additionally, the collection explores technological dystopia in tales like "Deep Fake" and "Player Unknown," unraveling unsettling consequences of advanced innovations. Finally, themes of psychological unraveling emerge in narratives like "The Tea Shop" and "Rotten Orange Planet," delving into the complexities of the human mind and its intricate twists and turns.

Feminomaniacs is a collection of twenty short stories that navigate diverse themes and genres. The anthology kicks off with "Feminomaniacs," exploring an underground rebel group challenging societal norms related to forced maternity and slavery. From the dream-like narrative of "Screen Man" to the hellish scenario in "The Offer," each story unfolds unpredictably. "Babylift" delves into dystopian landscapes, while "Operator" reflects on existential questions. "The Tea Shop" and "Rotten Orange Planet" navigate psychological twists, while "Player Unknown" explores technological dystopia. The anthology concludes with "Disposable Society," offering an eclectic mix of satire, dark humor, and science fiction. Each tale in this anthology invites readers to ponder unexpected facets of the human experience.


Feminomaniacs: explores a range of genres, from Dystopian Fiction, unveiling societal collapse, to Psychological Thriller, unraveling the complexities of the human psyche. The anthology also features Satire and Dark Humor, providing a humorous critique of societal absurdities, and ventures into Science Fiction and Fantasy, creating imaginative landscapes.


"Feminomaniacs is a rollercoaster of the weird and wonderful, with stories that range from dream-like to hellish. Aria's writing becomes completely unhinged, leaving readers unable to predict what comes next. A collection that daringly transgresses taboos, laying bare the vulnerabilities of the human psyche." - Maltheus Broman, Author

"A mesmerizing collection that digs deep into characters' confinement and more, 'Feminomaniacs' offers mysterious, jaw-dropping, and thought-provoking stories that explore the unexpected realms of satiric and transgressive fiction. An amazing read!" - Bhavna Khemlani, Author

"The ideas are undeniably thought-provoking and challenges norms and leaves readers questioning the limits of human experiences." - Andrea, Goodreads

"Beginning and ending with death, 'Feminomaniacs: An Anthology' presents twenty equally disturbing and thought-provoking stories that peer into the depths of the human psyche. Aria intertwines magical plot variety with vivid and often disturbing imagery, creating a cohesive anthology that explores themes of greed, purpose, and the dark corners of human existence." - Lisa McCombs, Readers' Favorite


While some reviewers found ENARO to be a captivating and thought-provoking exploration of science fiction themes, others noted its mind-screwing narrative, which combines elements of horror, erotica, and metaphysical concepts. The story challenges readers' expectations, leaving room for interpretation and personal reflection. Reader discretion is advised.

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