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Contributing Poets


The title is adapted from the title of one of the submitted poems by Vitor Vicente.

Blue and Orange City Buildings Photo Cor
Paperback-Book-Mockup-vol-2 (1).png

DiverCity is a collection of 43 poems on Peace, Love, and Empathy by 23 poets and writers from all around the world. This is the first volume of three anthology series (DiverCity, Hikikomori, and Sokut). This collection was inspired by the unsettling events in the world and how we can fight them by focusing on love for ourselves and others, cultivating inner and world peace through empathy. 

This anthology will be released in two forms of Paperback and Kindle on June 9, 2021, inspired by Day of Empathy. Now you can order both Kindle and Paperback on Amazon. 

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