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Terms of Use for Using Our Contents:

We are thrilled that you want to share and promote our content on your website or blog. We encourage you to use our articles, interviews, and other materials to spread the word about our mission of giving voice to the underrepresented. However, we do have a few guidelines that we ask you to follow when using our contents:

  1. You may use our contents on your website or blog, but please cite our website as the source and include the exact hyperlink you took the content from. This includes any quotations, excerpts, or images taken from our site.

  2. You may edit, modify or change the contents as long as you attribute the original work to our website and provide a hyperlink to the original content.

  3. You may not use our contents for commercial purposes or resell them in any way.

  4. By using our contents, you agree to follow these guidelines and to indemnify us against any claims arising from your use of our contents.


Thank you for supporting our work and helping us spread the voices of the underrepresented!

Term of Use

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