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  • What is the style and genre of your stories?
    I love focusing on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual or illicit ways. So, I mostly assume my work fit into transgressive fiction genre.
  • How can I purchase your books and what formats are available?
    You can purchase my books on Amazon in both Kindle or Paperback version. You can click on the following link: In asia, some of my books are available to by from Kinukonya bookstore. For the signed copies, please contact me directly.
  • Where do you get the ideas for writing? Are they related to your personal experiences?
    I can't clearly explain how I find the ideas of my stories just like any other author. I personally find them by accident meeting people, talking with strangers, online comments, articles, real political, social and psychological issues of our generation. To answer the second question, no. They are not based on my personal experiences. All he characters and their feelings are pure fiction and imagination.
  • Who is your favorite author and who isnpired you the most to write?
    Well that's a difficult question to answer. Personally I was in love with Russian, German and French literature since I started to read by the age of 5. The first book that impacted me was a book named "The Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear" written and illustrated by Jörg Müeller. It was about the issues of environmental protection, human identity, and the pursuit of self full of humor and imagination. That book I can say was the one made me start dreaming about become a writer by age 8.
  • I love to be a writer, do you have any tips for me how to start? Or can you teach me?
    Writing is all about starting to put your ideas on a paper or computer screen. Without really writing, no one can be a writer. My advice is to read and write as much as you can without thinking if it's worth writing, if it's good enough or comparing yourself to accomplished writers. If you're interested in writing workshops and coaching, please email for booking private course. There will be free workshops available. Please subscribe to not miss any.
  • Who design your book covers and illustrations? I have a book and I'd like to find a design for its cover. And how do you publish on Amazon?
    I design my own books covers and illustrations. I do have a service to design for other writers. If interested, please check the shop section of the website. I also offer Amazon Publishing services. Please contact me for more information.
  • Do you accept short stories to be published on your blog?
    Definitely. Please check the anthology section for upcoming projects and story submission and requirements for publishing online and in yearly anthology. If you'd like you can be featured submit an article to Only the articles in the following fields will be reviewed: creative writing, transgressive fiction, creative writing related tech and trends, opinion and political based discussion, feminism, and philosophy.
  • I have a podcast/Youtube/Blog/... and I would like to interview with you. Are you interested?
    Definitely. Please contact my agent directly through
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