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Bella Donna

"This was the life I wanted, yet Gio... Gio was what my soul yearned for.
All of him.
He was like the best book ever written, drawing me into a world where he was the hero. I couldn’t resist the urge to keep reading. To turn the pages of this never-ending story, despite knowing it will teach me the forbidden truth; being wrong. I was spellbound, obsessed with continuing, desperate to live through every sentence, every word. I wanted to be part of his story, to be woven into his narrative." 

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"Bella Donna" is a riveting and steamy dark romance that plunges you into the heart of Donna's world, a place where hidden passions and secrets smolder beneath the surface. Returning to her family's resort for the Christmas holidays, Donna's life, perfect in its routine, is suddenly flipped on its head.

Living in Paris as a literature lover and teacher, Donna has crafted a seemingly idyllic life with Tom, her devoted and loving boyfriend. But everything changes at the resort with the unexpected meeting with Gio, her father's charismatic best friend and a figure from her past.


Gio's appearance after a decade reignites long-suppressed feelings and forbidden tensions, challenging everything Donna thought she knew.

Set against the enchanting backdrops of France and Italy, "Bella Donna" not only offers a spicy romance but also transports you through time, capturing the essence of the early 2000s with nostalgia and vivid detail. Get ready for a journey filled with passion, secrets, and the rediscovery of old flames.


Dark Romance, Erotic Fiction



Forbidden Love, Secret Desires, Nostalgia, Relationship Tension, Self-Discovery, Betrayal, Love Triangle, International Romance

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