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"If you are reading this letter, I plead you to do what you can to stop time traveling. I am alone, scared, and lost, and I cannot bear the thought of whomever you are to end up like me, spending the rest of your days in this desolate time."  A Stranger in Time from Machinocracy, P. 99


This collection spans various genres, blending elements of science fiction, dystopia, psychological thriller, dark comedy, and speculative fiction. While each story navigates distinct narrative landscapes, common themes intertwine throughout the collection.



Themes include the repercussions of advanced technology on human connections, societal disparities, the pursuit of freedom in oppressive environments, the unpredictability of fate, the consequences of dark secrets and manipulation, and the enduring spirit of individuals confronting extraordinary circumstances. Each narrative unfolds as a unique exploration of these themes, collectively creating a diverse and thought-provoking anthology.

"Machinocracy" is a transgressive and absurd book that delves into themes of power, political corruption, corporativism, and the manipulation of the masses. It challenges the reader to confront the disturbing realities of these issues and highlights the ignorance of the majority regarding such facts. The anthology poses profound questions about power dynamics, the ethical dilemmas surrounding immortality, and the extent to which individuals are willing to manipulate and control others. It explores the dark depths of human ambition, the erosion of empathy in a mechanized society, and the enduring resilience of the human spirit. Each story within the anthology captivates and provokes, leaving readers to ponder the far-reaching consequences of a world dominated by machines and the relentless pursuit of eternal life.

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