Sokut (Persian: سکوت, lit. "quite oneself, the absence of sound"), the emission of sounds of such low intensity that they do not draw attention to themselves or the state of having ceased to produce sounds; this latter sense can be extended to apply to the cessation or absence of any form of communication, whether through speech or another medium. 

This is the last anthology from the book series Creed of Slaves. This anthology aims to Dare you to Share what you've been hushed for decades. Free yourself by writing what they don't want you to write. Dare to say what was count as abnormal, taboo, or sin. Share with the world and dare others to share. 

Submission Requirement:

1) Creative essay focused on the topic of silenced desires, thoughts, and identity

2) Maximum word number 2500

3) Submission should be in "Word Format" 

Please note that the submission does not mean that your piece will be included in the final book. The submissions will be reviewed carefully and we will inform you in both cases of acceptance or rejection. 

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Deadline 1st February 2022

Please note that this is a volunteering contribution and there will be no profit on selling these books for either the editor or contributors as the price of the books is set for publication and delivery fees on Amazon. 

Ready to submit? 

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