Child Sexualization in Hollywood

Well, this is a topic I had to get out of my system after I saw how Priyanka Chopra praised Billie Eilish's Vogue magazine cover. Well, it's the right for anyone to wear and be whoever they want but what we can clearly observe in Hollywood is something I call Alice Vagina hole of Hollywood! Is it vulgar to talk like that? Well, it is more horrific to sexualize every little girl in Hollywood and act like nothing is happening.

I know Billie Eilish is 19 already and in many countries, 19 is counted as an adult but, this is absurd that we see children in Hollywood growing up pushing toward the hole of a funnel in which they need to turn blonde and overly sexualized and the scariest part is being praised for that with adult actresses on such REVOLUTIONARY transformation! When Chopra said, "I think I just stopped and stared for a second" to praise Eilish beauty, it annoyed the hell of me. I asked myself, wasn't she stunning before such transformation? Was it necessary to boobify her innocence for someone like Chopra to be astonished?

Lolita Complex in Hollywood

We are seeing more and more sexualized images of children and teens in media not only by Hollywood but self-sexualization of these kids. How this can be happening? Well... The New York Times reported that "in 2018, tech companies uncovered over 45 million online photos and videos of children being sexually abused — more than double what they found in 2017." Well, possibly, I'm talking like a conservative who doesn't know what is freedom of choice but don't forget, I write about things the society doesn't like to hear. The TRUTH which they like to call Transgression or POLITICALLY INCORRECT!!!

In Hollywood, child sexualization among girls is very common starting from age 3. One of Shirley Temple’s first ro