Female Transgressive Writers of all time (Part 5)

  1. Lola Smirnova

  2. Lili Anolik

  3. Fannie Flagg

  4. Pauline Réage

  5. Ursula K. Le Guin

Time to talk about another 5 fantastic authors that I categorize under Transgressive Fiction according to their style and themes, how they use the power of writing to transgress the norms of their society and culture. Today we will talk about Lola Smirnova, Lili Anolik, Fannie Flagg, Pauline Réage, and Ursula K. Le G.

Lola Smirnova

Lola Smirnova is an author from Ukraine. On her Goodreads, she stated that she loves twisting a suspenseful tale through the dark lens of realism around the sexual underworld, so clocked in secrecy and shame. Lola’s work is inspired by real-life events and is meant for open-minded readers who are not afraid of a little blood, sweat, and semen. Her debut novel Twisted was released in 2014. The book placed as Honorable Mention in General Fiction Category of The 2014 London Book Festival’s Annual Competition and took 3rd place at The Drunken Druids International Book Award 2014.

Although they are often called cabarets, and occasionally there is even strip-dancing involved, you shouldn't associate them with merrymaking or extravaganza...
― Lola Smirnova, Twisted

Lili Anolik

Lili Anolik is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and a writer at large for Air Mail. Her work has also appeared in Harper's, Esquire, and The Paris Review, among other publications. Her latest book, the Los Angeles Times bestseller, Hollywood's Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A., was published by Scribner in 2019. Her debut novel, Dark Room, combines the verbal dexterity of Marisha Pessl’s Special Topic in Calamity Physics and the haunting atmospherics and hairpin plot twists of Megan Abbott’s Dare Me.

I haven't even stepped all the way inside the front door when the smell hits me: a kind of stale fustiness, a combination of dust and old furniture, of meals cooked and eaten, of frayed carpeting. If sadness has a scent, this is it.
― Lili Anolik, Dark Rooms