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MAESTRO SIS school software

MAESTRO SIS school software is a cloud-based software, which helps small and large educational institutions to manage management, teachers, students, learning, communication and more. This platform allows organizations to simplify the entire student life cycle.

Features of this software

  • Monitor school workflows

  • Document Management

  • Attendance tracking

  • University conference planning

  • Teacher evaluation

  • Student portal

  • Teachers Portal

The admission system allows students to upload, print and view student documents through an internal database. It also offers automatic messaging.

Through the MAESTRO SIS school software, students can view educational catalogs and enroll in courses if needed. This software can also be integrated with a series of software.

Organizing Live Classrooms

Integrated with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BigBlueButton, Skype & Jitsi

Best For

Maestro SIS simplifies the workload of running a school through strategical use of automation, communication tracking, effortless workflows, seamless integrations, & powerful reporting capabilities.


Starting From: Not provided by vendor

  • It has free trial

PRICING DETAILS (Provided by Vendor):

BocaVox has not provided pricing details yet.



Overall Ranking 4.5

Ease of Use 4.1

Customer Service 4.8


  • BocaVox

  • In United States

  • Founded in 2003


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