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Valentine’s Day Musings: When Cupid Wears a Leather Jacket

Ah, Valentine’s Day! A time when lovers exchange heart-shaped candies and bouquets of red roses, all while basking in the glow of societal norms. Here I am attempting to snugly fit into this picture-perfect postcard of romance. Yet, as I wield my pen, it rebelliously morphs into a quill dipped not in ink, but in the uncharted waters of human obsession and the intricacies of a fetishistic mindset where Cupid ditches his bow for a whip and the scent of vanilla is laced with a hint of danger.

You see, in my latest steamy endeavor of writing romance, penned under the sultry guise of

Bella Donna book cover mockup

Lilith Wilde, "Bella Donna" I tried to behave. I wanted to write a sweet romance novel (it is a sweet romance anyway) but my goal on creating simple affections turns into an odyssey through dark desires, where every turn is unpredictable, and the exit might just be an illusion. It’s here, in the throes of crafting stories about love’s darker, more compulsive siblings, that I find myself both at odds and strangely at peace with the traditional romance community.

Imagine trying to blend into a crowd wearing a neon sign that flashes, "Doesn’t Play Well With Norms." That’s me, attempting to navigate the serene waters of romance literature in a boat that insists on rocking. Every story I write, with the intention of exploring the tender touch of love, inevitably takes a detour through the shadowy alleys of fixation and yearning so intense, it borders on mania. I ain't no fucking Cupid.

"Bella Donna" is not your grandmother’s romance novel. Unless, of course, your grandmother had a kind for being controlled and sub a dom. It’s in this gentle story (gentlest among all my other stories, I promise) where the aroma of roses mingles with the thrill of the chase, and every "I love you" echoes with a hint of "I obsess. Fuck me, please!" Navigating this dichotomy is similar to attending a masquerade ball in full armor and a very very sharp sword; you're prepared for battle when everyone else is poised for a tango or perhaps a ballet if you're unlucky like me.

Yet, here lies the rub: there’s an undeniable charm in being the outcast, the author who sends ripples across the tranquil pond of romance literature with stories that challenge, provoke, and, dare I say, titillate in ways that traditional narratives shy away from. So, as we celebrate this Valentine’s Day, let’s raise a glass to the lovers who find beauty in the unconventional, to the romantics who embrace the wildness of passion in all its forms. For in the pages of "Bella Donna," under the watchful eye of Lilith Wilde, love is not just a sweet whisper but a roar that echoes in the caverns of our deepest desires.

Remember, whether you’re a devotee of classic romance or a seeker of its dark shadowy counterpart, there’s a story for every heart. Mine just happens to dance in the dark and transgressive (wait for what comes after Bella Donna this Fall), inviting you to step into the light. So, dear reader, as you're floating (hopefully not drowning in) the sea of romance this Valentine's Day, consider taking a detour into the unexplored territories charted by yours truly. Who knows? You might just discover that the most enduring love stories are those that embrace the entirety of the human heart, with all its wild obsessions and unspoken desires.

Happy Valentine’s Day! May your day be filled with love, in whatever form it captivates you.

With love (and a wink) from the fringe,

Neda Aria (a.k.a. Lilith Wilde)

Paper and Hardcover soon

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