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Writer vs. Writer: Nick Oliveri

Welcome to the interview with Nick, a transgressive fiction author with six novels and an ebook of poetry under his belt. Nick is known for his unique and daring approach to storytelling, as he creates characters who operate outside of societal norms and takes readers on wild and unconventional journeys. In this interview, Nick talks about his inspirations for writing transgressive fiction, how he crafts his characters, and how his personal experiences and interests influence his work. He also shares his thoughts on the challenges he's faced as an author, his upcoming projects, and his passion for making his work accessible through visual and auditory experiences.

Hi Nick. Glad to have you here. As a young author, what drew you to writing transgressive fiction, and what do you find most appealing about the genre?

I have always gone against the norms and the system. PR agents and literary agents always tell me I’m wrong, and yet I continue to succeed. I make true art from the heart. Sometimes, my heart and mind go to visions untamed and transgressive places. I don’t care who I bother with my work, as I only wish to share my inner visions with the world and continue to influence readers and people alike globally. People tell me I’m wrong all the time. People criticize my work all the time. And yet, I continue to succeed.

How do you approach crafting characters who often operate outside of societal norms in your transgressive fiction?

I don’t look at my characters as characters. I look at them as real people. Real people bleed and laugh and cry. That’s what shows in my work. I operate outside of societal norms, and I never doubt the people in my stories that do the same thing. It makes it as interesting as possible for the reader that just wants a great experience. I give them that great experience.

Can you discuss any specific challenges you faced while writing, and how did you overcome them?

Every challenge I face while I write is me versus me. Every challenge I face is because of me. The nature of writing is solitary and self-empowering. I focus and tackle my writing challenges by “winning the day” and by writing 1,000 words every day.

How do your personal experiences and interests influence your writing?

My personal interests seldom come into play with my novels. Because I create real experiences and real art, the people in my stories do as they please and react like real people. But in terms of experiences, I put my pain inside of my work as well as my triumph. I put the heights of human emotion into my stories, and my readers appreciate that.

Who are some of your favorite transgressive fiction writers, and how have they influenced your own writing?

Vladimir Nabokov is my favorite transgressive writer. With his outstanding work, Lolita, he disrupted and insulted millions of people across the world. One of my favorite ideas of this book is showing the grotesque through beautiful prose. As a prose stylist myself, I look up to this book as the ultimate use of beautiful prose. One of my favorite stories about it is how it was published. It was rejected by every single publishing house until he found a small pornographic press in Paris to publish it, only going on to sell more than 60 million copies worldwide. It goes to show that the grotesque can sell and inspire billions across the world.

What are some common misconceptions about transgressive fiction, and how do you think readers and critics can better understand and appreciate the genre?

People and writers are scared to both read and write transgressive fiction. Writers are scared because they don’t want to step out of line. Writers just want to appeal to agents and readers by staying within close bounds. I say to hell with the bounds. I say to hell with staying in line.

You have six novels and an ebook of poetry under your belt. How has your writing evolved over time, and what have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an author?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced as an author is being independent and having to do all of the marketing and sales on my own. I have no people to give me a budget. I have no big publishing house backing me. I do everything on my own. My writing has only matured and gotten better over time, as I have only held less fear as I continue to write on.

You’re currently cinematizing the audiobook of your debut novel, The Conjurer. What inspired you to create this visual and auditory experience, and how do you think it will enhance readers’ understanding and appreciation of your work?

To me, cinematizing my audiobook of The Conjurer is about accessibility. There are millions of rampant readers across the globe. However, not everybody reads, and not everyone can read. My goal is to make my work as accessible as possible. And so, visualizing and cinematizing my audiobook is the future of consumption of high literature that I am giving way to.

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? What can readers expect from your future writings?

I am constantly working on a lot. Readers and fans can expect a new videobook, a new novel coming soon, as well as the much-anticipated sequel to my critically acclaimed debut novel, The Conjurer.

Thank you Nick for joining us today.

If you're interested to know more about Nick, check the following links:

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Jun 28, 2023
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