Female Transgressive Writers of all time (Part 6)

  1. Elizabeth Wurtzel

  2. Janet Fitch

  3. Susanna Kaysen

  4. Penelope Lively

  5. Emma Donoghue

Time to talk about another 5 fantastic authors that I categorize under Transgressive Fiction according to their style and themes, how they use the power of writing to transgress the norms of their society and culture. Today we will talk about Elizabeth Wurtzel, Janet Fitch, Susanna Kaysen, Penelope Lively, Emma Donoghue.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

(July 31, 1967 – January 7, 2020)

Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel was an American writer and journalist, known for the confessional memoir Prozac Nation, which she published at the age of 27. Her work often focused on chronicling her personal struggles with depression, addiction, career, and relationships. Wurtzel's work drove a boom in confessional writing and the personal memoir genre during the 1990s, and she was viewed as a voice of Generation X. In later life, Wurtzel worked briefly as an attorney before her death from breast cancer. (