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Locked Out and Logged Off: Amazon's Authentication Labyrinth & Bella Donna Pre order failure (Include Free Giveaway)

Self-publishing is a business where the laws of logic occasionally take a backseat to the mysteries of technology. My journey in self-publishing since 2017 has been both enlightening and maddening. Picture me: an author whose works, such as "ENARO," "Feminomaniacs," and "Machinocracy," wade through the dark and transgressive waters of literature. Suddenly, I decided to reignite my romance writing career under the pseudonym Lilith Wilde. I was ready as Lilith, with my debut adult romance poised for release just in time for Valentine's. I imagined myself as an expert in self-publishing (as Neda Aria), only to nosedive into the undertow of Amazon's two-factor authentication system.

bella donna book cover mockup

Ah, Amazon, that digital behemoth, a place where dreams can be uploaded at the click of a button—unless, of course, you're me, dealing with an authentication process more complex than the plot of a sci-fi novel. There I was, ready to launch "Bella Donna" into the world, a pre-order set to dazzle my readers. But alas, technology had other plans.

The drama unfolded like a poorly scripted comedy, where I played the beleaguered protagonist, locked out of my own kingdom by the guards of Two-Factor Authentication for 10 days prior to Valentine's. Appeals to the customer service castle were met with a shrug more suited to a Kafkaesque nightmare than a help desk. "We're sorry, but we cannot assist you further. Fuck off and thank you for your understanding." Oh, the irony! A writer, known for bending reality in her narratives, foiled by something as mundane as a login issue.

The pre-order of "Bella Donna" faltered, not because of a lack of interest or a sudden shift in the literary market, or my well-known moodiness, but because of a digital gatekeeper's unwavering stance. The lesson was as clear as it was frustrating: In the world of self-publishing, the sword might be mightier than the pen, especially if that sword is a reliable tech setup of a big corporation that scrunches the little red ants like me. .

Lesson learned. In a way that penetrates you so hard and so deep that make walking difficult! How to avoid such quagmires in the future?

  • First, treat every technological aspect of self-publishing as you would a character in a dark romance: with suspicion and a plan to uncover its secrets.

  • Second, enable all possible recovery methods for your accounts. This includes, but is not limited to, backup codes, alternative emails, and the phone number of a friend who's good with computers.

  • Third, document every step of your publishing process, from the mundane to the monumental. If Kafka taught us anything, it's that bureaucracy loves paperwork.

  • Fourth, don't put all your eggs in one basket—publish on multiple platforms. Diversifying your publishing platforms is akin to casting a wider net into the sea of readers. Each platform has its unique audience and benefits, from Amazon to Barnes & Noble, to Kobo, and more.

  • Fifth, if feasible, create your own online shop. This is your castle, impervious to the whims of external platforms and their arcane rules. An online shop puts you in direct control of your sales, promotions, and customer interactions. It can serve as a central hub for your readers, offering signed copies, merchandise, and exclusive content. Plus, it's a direct line to your audience, free from the interference of middlemen, where every update is a royal decree and every sale, a tribute to your realm.

So dear reader, if you have pre-ordered Bella Donna previously, first Thank you so much for your kind support. Second, Today (12th February 2024) Amazon canceled the preorder and left Lilith and I heart's shattered. So, I would like to offer you a free copy of the eBook that you can read on your kindle. Check the link below to receive your copy (Limited Offer - expires on Feb 29th).

I will publish this book on multiple channels both on eBook version & Print, for now, I won't directly publish on Amazon as the issue isn't solved yet. I will update you on those in another post.

Thank you for your patience.


Lilith & Neda

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