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Transgressive Romance 101: The Dark Romance & Why Readers are Drawn to the Genre

Oh, Dark Romance, that brooding, misunderstood naughty of the literary world! It's the genre that says, "Forget about candlelit dinners and roses, let's add some danger and moral ambiguity to the mix." This genre isn't just content with love stories; no, it prefers to tango with themes like peril, ethical vagueness, and the kind of subjects that might make your grandmother blush. It's as if Dark Romance looks at traditional romances and goes, “That’s cute, but let's spice things up a bit, shall we?

In one of my 'Transgressive Romance 101' blog series, I defined the dark romance I experimented to write since last years as Transgressive Romance. For more in depth discussion you can check that article but to put it short, I defined Transgressive Romance as "a genre that pushes against the boundaries of conventional romantic storytelling, exploring themes and narratives that challenge societal norms and expectations. In this genre, authors delve into unconventional and often controversial subjects, presenting relationships that defy traditional notions of love and romance." So, in this article I will discuss the following:

dark romance characters and popularity

Understanding the Allure of Darkness

Well, this genre , if written well, is as complex as a Shakespearean tragedy. It's like a psychological thriller had a love child with a soap opera. Readers are drawn to it not just for the steamy love scenes but for the rollercoaster of emotions it offers. It taps into that part of human nature that's just a little bit intrigued by the darker side of things. In this article, I'm not just peeking behind the curtain; I'm tearing it down to understand why this genre continues to gather a crowd as diverse as the characters in its pages.

Dark Romance is distinct from traditional romance in that it often incorporates themes like crime, psychological manipulation, and power imbalances. These stories are not about perfect love; they are about the complexities and the darker side of relationships and human nature. The appeal here is rooted in the exploration of the forbidden and the thrill of delving into the darker aspects of love and desire. 

Data on Dark Romance Popularity

Dark romance, has experienced significant growth in recent years. As of May 2023, romance novels reached over 39 million printed units sold, marking a 52% increase compared to the previous year. This growth trend has been consistent for three consecutive years, indicating a strong and growing interest in the genre​​.

While specific data on dark romance as a sub-genre is not readily available, the overall trends in romance novel sales can provide some insight. The romance genre is a major player in the book industry, contributing significantly to the growth of adult fiction. In fact, it was the fastest-growing genre of fiction over a recent period, accounting for 66% of adult fiction growth in 2022​​.

Furthermore, the book industry as a whole, including romance and its subgenres like dark romance, has been experiencing a steady increase in digital formats. eBook sales saw a massive increase of 175% from 2020 to 2022, and audiobooks have also grown in popularity, with U.S. audiobook revenue reaching $1.81 billion in 2022​​.

Year (ending May)

Romance Print Copies Sold (Million)

Growth (%)

eBook Sales Increase (%)

Audiobook Revenue (Billion USD)


























  • Romance Print Copies Sold: This column represents the number of printed romance novels sold in millions. The data shows a significant increase over the years, with a notable jump in 2023.

  • Growth (%): This column indicates the year-over-year growth in sales of printed romance novels.

  • eBook Sales Increase (%): This column shows the percentage increase in eBook sales from 2020 to 2022, highlighting a sharp rise likely influenced by the pandemic and technological advancements.

  • Audiobook Revenue (Billion USD): This column presents the revenue generated from audiobooks in 2022, marking a substantial increase and indicating growing popularity in this format.

These trends suggest that readers are increasingly drawn to romance novels, including dark romance, and are embracing digital formats for their reading. The growth in sales and the shift towards eBooks and audiobooks reflect changing consumer preferences and the broadening appeal of the romance genre.

The Psychology Behind the Attraction

  1. Escapism and Thrill: Readers often turn to Dark Romance as a form of escapism. There’s a thrill in exploring stories that break societal norms without facing real-world consequences. This genre provides a safe space for readers to experience intense emotions and situations that they would not encounter in their everyday lives.

  2. Complex Characters: Dark Romance often features morally grey characters. These characters are multi-dimensional and flawed, making them more relatable and human. Readers are drawn to the depth and complexity of these characters, and the unpredictable nature of their actions adds to the allure.

  3. Exploration of Taboo: The genre frequently touches on taboo subjects. This exploration satisfies a natural human curiosity about the darker aspects of life and relationships. It challenges readers’ perceptions and moral compasses, often leaving them with thought-provoking questions.

  4. Emotional Depth: Dark Romance digs deep into the emotional spectrum. The intense and sometimes tumultuous relationships portrayed in these stories evoke a range of emotions in readers, from fear and anger to passion and love. This emotional rollercoaster is often what keeps readers coming back.

The Role of Empowerment and Healing

Interestingly, Dark Romance can also offer narratives of empowerment and healing. Characters in these stories often overcome significant challenges, traumas, and obstacles, showcasing resilience and strength. For some readers, particularly those who have experienced trauma, these stories can be cathartic, offering a sense of hope and resilience.

However, it's important to acknowledge that Dark Romance is not without controversy. Critics argue that it can romanticize unhealthy relationships and behaviors. The portrayal of dominance, manipulation, and control in romantic contexts can be problematic. It is crucial for both readers and writers to distinguish between fantasy and the realities of healthy relationships.

The Evolution of the Genre

Over the years, Dark Romance has evolved, with authors pushing boundaries and exploring new themes and dynamics. This evolution reflects changing societal attitudes and a growing recognition of the complexity of human emotions and relationships. If interested to know more about the evolution of this genre, you can check my article, "The Evolution of Dark Romance: A Historical Perspective."

The Dark Romance genre offers more than just a love story; it’s a journey into the complex, often hidden layers of human emotion and psychology. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide escapism, explore taboo subjects, and delve into emotional depth and complexity. While it’s important to approach the genre with a critical eye due to its controversial aspects, there’s no denying its powerful impact on readers. Dark Romance continues to be a genre that both fascinates and challenges, reflecting the endless complexities of the human heart.

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