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The Power of Writing. Part 3

Well, dear friends. You have gone this far on a path to your true self, true emotions and by now you must have unlocked some interesting cases of yours. The most precious gift that #writingtherapy gives us is clearance. Clearance of the mind, clearance of the feelings, and what's more, the ability to see how you want to feel and what needs to be done in order to achieve it. Can you agree, that there is a difference when "I want to feel free but I do not know how" and "I want to feel free and here is how can I achieve it".

Day by day, step by step, brick by brick - we build ourselves a new, strong basement, or in other words, we restore our broken parts and reunite with our true self again. Once I've read an interesting interview with a lady, who managed to live about 96 years old. The very first sentence of her speech caught me deep and in a way, inspired me to share all the tools with you.

She has said:

"All of us have a chance for a second childhood and it is up to us will it be a happy experience or not".

Well, I am not 96 yet, but I can`t agree more. All these "suitcase" unlocking activities we have #written_out are nothing else, but chances for a new second childhood where we decide for ourselves to provide all unconditional love, support, the strength that we were always needed to be provided, and permitting to be natural. However, I am ready to reveal one more secret tool as I call it, it is a "STOP" technique.

Here how it works:

When someone is trying to criticize you, overload you with tones negative information, whines, pushes you, abuses you verbally or any kind of such terrible stuff comes towards your way you shall say STOP (in your mind firstly).

STOP. I do not accept these negative ideas.

STOP. I do not allow this poison to enter my mind, my soul, and my heart.

I am saying STOP and all the harm shall return to its owner.

This technique to be used in a moment when you feel weak.

This technique to use both: in your imagination while the negative issue is going on (for example in the undesirable dialogue) and #write_it_out several times. It is also applicable to your own negative thoughts in case you feel insecure, low, and disturbed you shall say STOP at first and then, write it.

Do not underestimate the power of making the right decisions such as saying STOP to negativity, as one step at a time (slowly but strongly) it will work out in the most amazing way for you. By saying STOP we close the door to the negative sources to enter us. By saying STOP we remind ourselves that we and only we have the power to decide what feelings we accept in our lives and what feelings we let go. The state of mind/heart/soul has to be as clear as possible. Try this each time as recommended and see for a week or two how you feel and how your personal boundaries will get better. Do not forget to share with us.

STOP not believing in yourself!

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