Writer vs. Writer Interview: Vitor Vicente

In this post, I had a chance to chat with Vitor Vicente one of my favorite travel writers. Vitor was born in Portugal and lives abroad since 2006, between Spain, Ireland, Poland, and Hungary; currently based in Cork. Author of books in various literary genres, travel is a common topic in all of them. Some of his works are translated into Spanish, Hungarian, and English.

1. Hi Vitor. So glad to have you here. Let's begin before the cats interrupt. Tell us when did you decide to become a writer? And as a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Let me start by answering the second question. As a child, I wanted to be a football player, ideally a goalkeeper. If you ask me why a goalkeeper and not a striker, you know, scoring goals, getting all the attention, I suppose the reason lays in the goalkeeper’s opportunity given to play somehow by himself within the team. And that is linked to my wish to become a writer. Before I do any actual writing, I recall being shown a book named “men who changed the world”. There weren´t that many writers there, most of them were remarkable individuals like Thomas Edison or Louis Pasteur. I know I won’t be popular in the literary scene with this sentence, but the crude reality is the following: at the end of the day, we are more grateful for those who developed a cure for a teeth pain than for the author of our favorite novel.

Now, when I did decide to become a writer? That I know very, very well. It happened at the moment I realize I was doing a better job at writing the lyrics than at the time I was trying to sing. So, I was probably sixteen or seventeen, I had a few rock/metal bands that didn’t go anywhere; though our egos were already clashing, wildly debating who would step in first/last in the gig that wasn’t even scheduled or who would be photographed in the cover of the album for which we were unable to complete a single song. A writer indeed needs a network, at least a team, that’s out of the question. But at some point, it is only he and himself; similar to that goalkeeper of my childhood.

2. It's fascinating how you developed such an interest. How many titles have you published and in what genre?

I’ve published seven books and a handful of others I don’t usually mention, though I haven’t renounced to any of them; just don’t proactively bring those to the table. Genres, well a bit of everything: poetry, play, memoir, fiction, short stories.