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The Power of Writing. Part 2.

Hey hey, how does it feel? How is it - your first (or, probably not) opening up your True Self after a long journey throughout life? Have you written out #innertreasure you kept for ages? I am sure this experience can be both: exciting and painful at the same time. Let me share some issues of mine, who knows, who knows...perhaps it could be helpful for you, my dear reader as well!

When for the very first time I used the exercise #write_it_out I wasn't able to concentrate on my work, neither on my house work. To say noting of my hobby (which is writing stories, isn't it funny?)as all that was bothering my overloaded mind was - "I want to feel free and stop thinking what others want to see in me"...Day and night I have been munching this desire without knowing what shall I do about it, as #letting_it_go obviously hasn't worked for me. And then! Yes, you are probably guessing in the right direction: another #awesome exercise, a technique has arrived to help me. Actually, it's a little lie. Because there are two, two simple, clear, logical, and interesting tasks to complete on a journey to your True Self. So here we go!

Open your notes and briefly go through them. Pick up the most disturbing issue (in my case, lack of inner freedom). As we remember we have two columns - negative and positive, so it is the right time to add one more! I know, you might get confused, so easier would be this way:

  1. Look at the negative "I am sad and disappointed"

  2. Look at the positive "I want to feel free"

Write them by following the same order I have written before this way:

1 -> 2 What is preventing me to transform my feeling from '1' to '2'?

Try to listen to yourself for a while. The answer will come. It is always there, deep in your soul. Sometimes we need to give it a slight push.

And this easy principle can be used at each couple of your feelings unless and until you put your finger on the truth!

As I promised, we shall consider one more instrument. This one I am sure you have heard before. The easy-going technique of "5 Why".

Let me explain based on my own example (I hope, my reader, you do not mind) how this can work. We take the same described emotions from our columns and start roaming around it.

I am sad and disappointed. I want to feel free.

Why am I sad and disappointed?

I am never able to complete all what I started.

Why are you unable?

Because I don't believe in myself enough.

Why don't you believe in yourself?

Because no one ever supported me. Because of my family.

Why no one ever supported you?

They can't understand me.

Why can't they understand you?

Because we are so different.

When I have written it for the first time, I was speechless. I felt relieved a little. The truth was: there is nothing wrong with me. We are just different. How can they support me, if they simply cannot understand me? Speaking in other words: how can you expect mangos sitting under the apple tree?

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading these tips, and trust me, if you try, you will be amazed by the outcome!

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